Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Dat Is? (Rapping Car Names) lyrics - Destorm

(Let's go!)

Who that is, who that is
Pushing that motherfuckin' Bugatti
I used to push the Benzo, now I push the Enzo
(What's that?)
That ain't nothing but my Ferrari
Who that is, who that is
Pushing that motherfuckin' Bugatti
Who that is, who that is
Who that is, who that is

(C'mon! Yo!)
How many of y'all
Think I ain't got skills, huh?
I wrangle up a couple hits at will
Seeing the way I put it down
I inspire fuckas
Cool me down, I'm burning hot
Call the firetruckers

You prehistoric rappers
Ain't got nothing on me
With your thesaurus
Acting like you all tough
You phony
Take all your powers
Like the Highlander bystander
Then leave you praying in the holy field
Hi Evander

Can't afford to Focus
On anyone that's hating
While you're riding Coach
I'll have a Pilot and a jet awaiting
You in your apartment
I'm out back celebrating
Must sting a bit to see
The black man elevating

You saw the Journey
Made it all the way to Hollywood
Escaped the projects, the card debt
I probably could
Fill the Civic center
All the fucking fans I have
You see the numbers
Listen, I don't even have to brag


Yo I remember asking Martin
To hook me up with ladies
Now Portia and Mercedes
Wanna have my babies
Or maybe I can get
Cherokee to marry me
Call Tesla and Alexus
We go on an Odessey

And we can all cruise and boose in Santa Fe
Where the ladies have Accents
And asses for days
I'm just a lone Explorer
Back on my own Accord
Living live on the Edge
What do you think I'm doing it for

To push a fuckin Rav 4
Like Yeezy said?
Nah! Rolls Royce Seven-fifty
Lamborghini red
And I can't respond
To all my haters
You can't even see class
I'm collecting papers

I cue 5 songs
In the Pro Tools Session
Alter my voice
Just to teach you a lesson
If you want what I got
Then just shoot, take a shot
I roll like the Passat
Or Fiat cause I'm hot


All y'all haters is Garbage
Dump truckers
F one-fifty
Of y'all mothafuckas